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Notes about viewing 3D video content

• The optional 3D Synchro Emitter and 3D glasses are required to view

3D images from the D-ILA projectors. 3D video software (3D media or output

of 3D broadcasts) and a 3D-compatible video player are also required.

• Perception of 3D images will vary with individual viewers.

• Stop viewing 3D images immediately if any discomfort such as headaches,

dizziness, eye fatigue, etc. occurs.

• Viewing of 3D images by children under the age of five is not recommended.

• Read the User Manual and Safety Precautions carefully before viewing any

3D source.

Replacement Lamp


Optional Accessories

RF (radio frequency) 3D Glasses


RF (radio frequency) 3D Synchro Emitter


In addition to JVC’s original Frame Addressing method to

reproduce 3D images with vivid colours, the optical engine

featuring a set of new D-ILA devices is capable of achieving more

brightness. Furthermore, 3D image adjustment functions such as

Crosstalk Cancelling are featured to offer the

kind of realistic and exciting 3D images that

only D-ILA can provide.

Even brighter and high-quality

3D images of D-ILA

The DLA-X9000 and X7000 are accredited with THX 3D

Display Certification which was established to ensure the precise

reproduction of picture quality in home environments for both

2D and 3D content, just as the original filmmaker envisioned.

Encompassing more than 400 laboratory tests to evaluate a

projector’s colour accuracy, cross-talk, viewing angles and video

processing, this certification helps to guarantee high-definition

quality. The two projectors are also licensed with the ISF C3

(Certified Calibration Controls) mode


, not only to help reproduce

film or video content accurate to the source but also excellent

picture quality optimised for specific environments.

*12: Professional calibration to desired screen is performed by trained dealers.

Industry Certified Projectors –

THX 3D Display and ISF Certifications

*1 This function cannot be used while projecting in 3D mode. *2 Requires a commercially available optical sensor and dedicated software as well as PC and LAN cables. *3 Requires dedicated

software as well as PC and LAN cables.





4K e-shift4 Technology*


4K signal input (4K60P 4:4:4)

HDR compatibility

3D capability

Multiple Pixel Control

Clear Motion Drive

Motion Enhance

Real Colour Imaging Technology

Colour Temperature (Xenon light-source colour)

MPC Analyser

Picture Tone

Pixel Adjust

(by 1/16-pixel increment, 2 memories)

(by 1/16-pixel increment, 2 memories)

(by 1/16-pixel increment, 2 memories)

Lens Memory

(10 memories)

(10 memories)

(5 memories)

Screen Adjustment Mode

Auto Calibration*


12-point manual gamma adjustment*


Picture Data In/Out*


THX 3D Display Certification

ISF C3 mode

Control4 SDDP Compatibility

Feature Comparison